Free Things to do In Ireland

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For years Ireland has been known for its high prices.  Popular tourist places such as open top bus tours and Guinness brewery charged a high premium for their service. With the recent downturn, the focus has turned more towards more cost effective avenues and this has seen visitors swarm to free attractions. The National Museum charges [...]

Toll Fees and Locations in Ireland

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View Ireland Toll Location and fares in a larger map Above are the locations and fares for all tolls in Ireland. Hopefully this will be of use to people. All but one toll works as one would expect, payment as you pass through. The only exception is the M50 barrier free toll which can be paid [...]

Essential Dublin Tourist Attractions – Dublin Zoo,Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle and more.

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There is so much to do in Dublin, it it tough to know the essential from the not. This is particularly important for tourists on weekend breaks when time is precious. The best way to see the most of Dublin and to get a good taste of the culture and heritage is to take an open [...]

Cheap Old Dublin

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http:// / Visentico / Sento's Over the past 10 years Dublin has been know not only as the capital of Ireland but also rip-off Ireland! Pints of beer costing over €6 not uncommon and €5 for a sandwich were just some of the norms of this rip-off culture. But according to a new report by the [...]

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