How Cork’s Spike Island went from Ireland’s Hell to Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction

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Of all the profound changes Cork’s Spike Island has undergone during its recorded 1,300-year history, perhaps the most significant is that all those who go there now do so willingly. For a time, it was the largest prison on earth - housing 2,300 inmates - and a venue for the most squalid, inhumane internment imaginable. Enveloped [...]

Cliffs of Moher is the best cliff view in the WORLD

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Travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler voted Cliffs of Moher as the top cliff view that rivals with Grand Canyon in this article; ‘Nine Gorgeous Cliff Views That Rival The Grand Canyon’. 1. Cliffs of Moher - Ireland 2. White Cliffs of Dover - Kent, United Kingdom 3. Preikestolen - Rogaland, Norway 4. Grand Canyon - Arizona 5. Cabo Girão - Madeira, Portugal 6. Kalaupapa Cliffs - Molokai, Hawaii [...]

Ireland Overview

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With stunning scenery, fascinating history, rich culture and a relaxed way of life, Ireland remains one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. From the vibrant nightlife of Dublin to the stunning beauty of the west coast, there is something in Ireland for everyone. So whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday, great nights out or even a corporate trip, Ireland will not disappoint.

Family Activities in the Shannon Region

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Gone are the days when a family vacation meant a day spent in a plastic amusement park, standing in hour long lines, baking under the sun and trying to convince children who have consumed twice their body weight in sugary treats that yes, they actually do have to go to bed. Now families can travel to [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Die

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It would be no surprise if a first-time visitor to this pulsating city were to get confused as to what do and which places to visit while in Dublin. Nonetheless, there are at least 10 spots in Dublin that should not go unvisited during any visit to the city.

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