Finding the adrenaline rush in Ireland

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a•dren•a•line [uh-dren-l-in, -een] Definitions “adrenalin rush” adrenalin rush or adrenaline rush noun a feeling of excitement, stimulation and enhanced physical ability produced when the body secretes large amounts of adrenaline in response to a sudden perceived or induced stress situation.                                   [...]

Speaking Basic Irish – Useful Phrases & Greetings

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If you are visiting one of the Gaeltacht speaking areas in Ireland, you will encounter natural Irish speaking people and it is great to be able to interact with them even a little. The Irish language Gaelic is spoken mainly in the west and south west of Ireland where Gaelic is their first language and the [...]

No Passport? What to do!

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  Ireland and Molesworth street in particular are in chaos with up to 50,000 people on the waiting list for passports. Fear has caused panic much of the backlog building up since people heard the work to rule status followed by social welfare staff. Potentially people are going to miss their hard-earned holidays which are even [...]

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