As self-catering family holidays go, Cork’s Castlemartyr is among the very best

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I had the great pleasure of staying in Castlemartyr for one-week of self-catering. The party comprised me, my wife, our three-year-old son, Darragh, and our Golden Cocker Spaniel, Dexter. We had options when considering where to holiday. We could fly somewhere and enjoy some sun but honestly, the trials and tribulations of managing an active and [...]

No Passport? What to do!

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  Ireland and Molesworth street in particular are in chaos with up to 50,000 people on the waiting list for passports. Fear has caused panic much of the backlog building up since people heard the work to rule status followed by social welfare staff. Potentially people are going to miss their hard-earned holidays which are even [...]

Holiday Time

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I'm on holidays from today until Jan 7th so this blog will remain inactive for that period. I'm traveling to Malaysia for 3 weeks and I'll do a detailed travel post on Malaysia when I return. Happy Christmas and thanks for reading. Blogger

B&Bs and the Question of Compulsory Licensing

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A report released today (27 August 2008) has called for the compulsory licensing and a quality grading scale for bed and breakfasts in Ireland. The report was commissioned by the Town and Country Homes Association which has over 60% of the Bord Fáilte registered Bed and Breakfasts in Ireland. Currently the Bord Fáilte approval for Bed [...]

Top Travel in Ireland Articles – Week 1

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As part of my attempt in this blog to provide informative, interesting and relative information about traveling in Ireland, I have decided to do a weekly feature on the best Ireland travel blog posts I can find. This will become a regular feature of this blog and will serve only to add to the value of [...]

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