Car Rental Extras Guide

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Coming to Ireland and hiring a car can be a stressful experience however there are ways to eliminate the stress by taking advantage of car rental companies' optional extras. Extras usually comes with a fee however it may be worth paying extra for little things that makes the experience more enjoyable for example using a GPS [...]

10 Tips for Hiring a Car in Ireland

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1. Use the Internet: When it comes to researching car rental options in Ireland, the internet provides the best place to review your options. Car rental websites also offer secure online booking and list numbers you can ring if you prefer to book by phone. 2. Choose the Right Class of Car: Although the smallest car [...]

Tips for scoring a deal on travel in Ireland

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Savvy travelers know how to save money on their holidays, and super savvy travelers know where to go for deals on their trip to Ireland. Discover Ireland The front page of usually publicizes the latest bargains, but if you want the inside scoop, signing up for their e-newsletter will let you know the latest promotions. [...]

Car Rental at Dublin Airport

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  Renting a car at Dublin Airport has changed a lot over the past couple of months with the opening of Dublin Airport Terminal 2 in late 2010. Passengers are now arriving at both terminals and finding the car hire areas is not a straightforward task. i will split this article into those arriving at Dublin [...]

Does the Irish Independent Actually Understand Car Rental?

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While reading the Independent this morning I came across an awful situation in which an Irish holiday maker ended up in while travelling to France. The holiday maker in question had rented a car on a laser card, which the car rental company refused to accept when she arrived to collect her rental car.

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