Free Things to do In Ireland

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For years Ireland has been known for its high prices.  Popular tourist places such as open top bus tours and Guinness brewery charged a high premium for their service. With the recent downturn, the focus has turned more towards more cost effective avenues and this has seen visitors swarm to free attractions. The National Museum charges [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Die

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It would be no surprise if a first-time visitor to this pulsating city were to get confused as to what do and which places to visit while in Dublin. Nonetheless, there are at least 10 spots in Dublin that should not go unvisited during any visit to the city.

Getting To Know Dublin

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A holiday in Dublin is complete if you check out all of the city’s must-see places. The most convenient way of doing this is getting a car rental Dublin. Traveling to these places will allow you to know Ireland’s rich and colourful history and traditions. And with a car rental Dublin Centre, you can be thorough and comfortable.

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