Johnnie Fox’s Pub, Glencullen

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Established in 1798, Johnnie Fox’s is one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous traditional Irish pubs in Ireland. It’s renowned for being the 'highest' pub in the country. The setting of Johnnie Fox’s is just like you have been invited to a 19th century rural Irish home, with food and service to 21st century standards. Whether [...]

Five Surprising Film Locations in Ireland that Double For Other Places

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Ireland is well represented in film although you wouldn’t always realise it. The country has often doubled or other places, both on earth and in outer space, in Hollywood films. The beautiful landscape makes Ireland the perfect location to double as a number of places and in this list we have picked five famous films that were [...]

The most haunted locations in Ireland

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Did you know that Irish legends were telling of werewolves, vampires and banshees centuries before Hollywood ever heard of them? These ancient and spooky places have chequered pasts and continue to draw in locals and tourists in the hopes of seeing (or hearing!) a ghost! Castle Leslie in Co Monaghan Charles Fort in Co Cork Kilmainham [...]

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