48 Hours in Limerick

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’48 hours in Limerick’ developed by Limerick Marketing Company to help tell story of one of Ireland’s best kept tourism secrets. A key promotional asset for Limerick tourism was unveiled today with the launch of ‘48 Hours in Limerick’, a video promoting city and county attractions through the lens of two visitors. The video was commissioned [...]

Best Small Towns to visit in Ireland

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Best Small Towns to visit in Ireland Ireland’s hospitable population, rolling hills, and lively cities make it one of the great countries of the world to visit. Yet for all the visitors that places like Dublin and Cork receive, there’s something to be said for the small, historic villages that represent the absolute best of Ireland. With [...]

Waterford Crystal History & Visitor Centre

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Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland and situated on the south-east coast has established many claims to fame over the centuries. Arguably, the best known is the founding of the world famous House of Waterford Crystal that is responsible for many glorious works, including chandeliers in Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and the Kennedy Centre in Washington, [...]

Two days in Limerick

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Contrary to popular belief, the city of Limerick in mid-western Ireland has nothing whatsoever to do with those short and much loved poems. Unfortunately, it’s more often associated with gangland crime, stabbing and murder rather than humorous, rhyming ‘Limericks’. Speak with people from the rest of Ireland and Dublin in particular, and Limerick’s nickname of ‘Stab [...]

10 Unique and Offbeat Places in Ireland

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Most trips around Ireland don’t include a look at mummies under a Dublin church, visiting a seal colony on the Aran Islands, or a climb to a fairy fortress in Galway. Only the locals tend to know about stops like these… or the occasional traveler who happen to stumble upon them. Here are often-missed ten places [...]

Visiting Ireland in July

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From surfing on the Donegal coast, alfresco dining at a Cork café, a day at the Galway Races, or a sunset stroll along a country road, July in Ireland brims with activity for visitors. Part of July’s appeal stems from the extra hours of daylight. Ireland’s high latitude gives the country extraordinarily long days compared to [...]

My Discover Ireland – How it works?

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Discover places with My Discover Ireland, a new mapping route for Ireland. My Discover Ireland is similar to Google Maps but with added features to aid tourists to plan their road trips and helps to find what they could visit on the way to their next destination. Many drivers unknowingly pass fantastic places that should have been visited; [...]

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