Ireland Website Directory

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My Discover is building a directory of links that we believe to be useful for visitors planning to visit Ireland. The links must be relevant and genuine Irish travel related topics for Tourists. The websites in question must also be prepared to offer a link exchange with My Discover Should you wish to exchange [...]

Pól O’Chongaile’s Secret Dublin: An Unusual Guide – Review

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  Pól Ó'Chongaile's Secret Dublin: An Unusual Guide is a pocket sized helper, designed to show you many of Dublin's quirkier attractions, whilst acting as your tour guide along the way. From museums to mosaics, to artworks and archives, Secret Dublin: An Unusual Guide gives you the back story of some of Ireland's capital's most intriguing features, which the untrained eye mightn't [...]

Submit a Guest Post / Story

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Guest Post Criteria - The content should be relevant to travel in Ireland - All posts must be in English - Blog Entries must be at least 500 words - All blog posts must be unique and original - Controversial topics such as religion, drugs etc will not be accepted - We are happy to suggest [...]

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