The Best Irish Dishes

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What to Eat in Ireland: 8 Must-Try Irish Dishes Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is sought after by travellers from all over the world not only for its natural beauty but also for its remarkable food scene. Trying out some delicious dishes in Ireland is as important as visiting the country’s famous landmarks. So, make [...]

Preconceived Notions of Ireland? Throw Them Away & Go Have Your Own Irish Experience.

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In a lot of ways my visit to Dublin in summer met my preconceived notions of what Ireland would be like; It rained -  a lot! The people were fun to be with, exceptionally welcoming and friendly. The pubs were tremendous and the food and drink excellent. Dublin is a great city, lots to do and [...]

The Streets of Dublin are a Cultural Library

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The ideal combination of living in a country voted as one of the friendliest in the world, and studying in a place that offers one of the best education systems, attracts many students wanting to study abroad. It is, therefore, not very surprising to find out that Ireland is one of the favoured destinations of students [...]

Insurance and Tax for visitors in Ireland

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Every country is beautiful in its own unique way, but some countries are just beautifully unique. Ireland is one such country. If you are visiting the country for the first time there is so much waiting for you to explore. There are of course several things you must consider to have a smart and safe journey [...]

Visiting Ireland – When is the best time to visit?

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As you are most likely aware, Ireland is notorious for it’s unpredictable weather, if you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine, I’m not sure Ireland is the place for you! However, if you are open to unbeatable hospitality, fabulous food and wondrous landscapes then Ireland is THE number one destination at any time of year. Ireland is very [...]

Travelling from Dublin Airport to UCD

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UCD is situated on the Belfield Campus, located 4km to the South of Dublin City Centre. Belfield is a large campus situated close to the suburbs of Donnybrook, Ballsbridge and Stillorgin and is well served by public transport links.   This article provides detailed information about how to travel from Dublin Airport to UCD, using both [...]

Toll Tag Options for M50 and other Toll Roads in Ireland

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There are now a number of ways you can pay your toll at the tolling stations around Ireland. Gone are the days necessitating exact change each visit. No longer are you rooting in car pockets looking for that 10cent coin needed to pass. Most toll stations around Ireland now operate a tag system whereby an electronic [...]

Dublin City Review

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Dublin is magnet for tourists in Ireland due to its size, location and public access. Dublin has been the major hub for Irish activities for hundreds of years. It was the seat of the British government during occupation and in more recent times has been infamous with tourists with spots such as Trinity College and Temple [...]

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