Ireland is always talked about being the large, green, lush country that is full of tales and exciting places to drink. I cannot disagree with these statements. When I chose to make the move, I considered everything that I needed to do to be prepared and I also made sure that this is where I wanted to spend the rest of my days. I was glad I did and the move was something that I couldn’t have agreed with more. With so much to do, so much land to explore and ever-changing scenery, it was a place I could call home.

Why I Chose to Move to Ireland

There were many reasons that I chose Ireland over some of the other places to move. I visited the Dublin area plenty of times prior to making the move, so I knew exactly where I wanted to go and why I made the decision. I recommend that you plan trips out to the countryside to see if this is a move that you’d like to make.

One of the biggest reasons that I chose Ireland was because there is no hustle and bustle or running out of time while living here. You can relax, allow yourself to breathe and enjoy life without the pressure of feeling like you must do things all the time. Ireland is big on family and spending time building you.

Of course, their rich culture is great to learn with many festivities and ongoing activities. It is also important to keep in mind that ancient civilizations, small yet amazing cities, old castles and a lot of history lie within the grounds of the country. Learn more, enjoy more and enrich your life with a different culture that welcomes you to their grounds.


Tips for Your Move to Ireland


It is important to know that moving to any other country is a big step, it is a process. To understand this process better, you should know how you’re going to be able to get the necessary documents in order so that you’re legally able to live there.

Remember, you must be approved for a visa to live here. You may not be a citizen, but you need to be legal to be within the country for any period of time. This can be done through the embassy.

You will need a passport for identification while traveling abroad. Make sure that you have this, as well as the visa stamped inside so that you have a way to show officials when you get to Ireland as well as the shipping transport company when they bring your items over.

Tourism is a large part of the economy in many parts of Ireland and unless you have your own car when you first arrive, you may like to know that there are quite a few taxi service companies as well as car rental agencies even in the smaller cities and towns. If you are staying long term, however, it can get expensive to need to hire a car daily or take a taxi everywhere you go. Having your own car, if possible, is a good idea.

Transporting Your Property

If you’re shipping items, it can cost anywhere from €2,200 to €4,000 and vehicle shipping can be as high as €4,000 depending on the car as well as the mode of transport (source: This includes the import taxes and other fees paid to the shipping company to send your items to Ireland. Higher rates are often due to using an enclosed shipping container for the items, and it might also rise if you have a lot of items that you’re shipping and use a larger container for the shipment. Containers for Ireland shipments and other overseas transport range in size from 20 to 40 feet. If you’re shipping a vehicle, then you must keep in mind that taxes must be paid on it based on the value of the vehicle.

A declaration of items is important. They want to know what you’re bringing into the country. This should be provided to the shipping company, and you should have a copy with you when you go to pick up the items. Hire professionals for the move because this is what is going to make your move much smoother.

When it comes to moving to good ol’ Ireland, you can make sure that you’re going to enjoy all that this country has to offer. With friendly people, good times and the ability to choose from many awesome places to spend your time, you can enjoy spending the rest of your days here, I am. Make the move today and see how much better your life can be.