The Wild Atlantic Way, for those who are unaware, is a 2,500km route along Ireland’s west cost, starting in Donegal and finishing in Cork. The route hugs the coastline, and visits some of the most scenic and beautiful areas in Ireland.

The natural and raw beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way makes for excellent video footage. Drones provide spectacular footage of the raw natural beauty, but more than this, these videos will explain why the Wild Atlantic Way is such a massive attraction. It is the people, and the experiences combined with beautiful scenery that makes the Wild Atlantic Way what it is.

Immerse Yourself in the Rugged Beautify of Ireland’s West Coast

Publish: National Geographic

National Geographic describes the Wild Atlantic Way as a battle between land and sea with stunning vistas and iconic adventures. The video produced by the National Geographic is spectacular, but more importantly describes the human connection between the local people and this battle between land and sea. Watching this video will give you a sense of life along the Wild Atlantic Way, and the pride that local people have living in such beautiful and remote areas. For more information on what National Geographic considers the best areas to visit, click here.

Soaring Over the Wild Atlantic Way

Publish: Discover Ireland

This short video is exclusively filled with drone footage. Keep an eye out for the Éire sign written in white stone on Malin Head! This was to inform German Bombers during World War II that they were flying over Ireland and not Northern Ireland!

Wild Atlantic Way in 13 Minutes

Publish: John Ruddy

This video is very different. Firstly it provides a historical context to many areas along the Wild Atlantic Way. This video moves along very quickly, but it is well worth a watch. While it doesn’t have drone footage, the historical perspective is very interesting.

The Wild Atlantic Way

Publish: Europcar / On the Qt

This video is worthwhile as it follows the journey of two Europcar customers as they journey along the Wild Atlantic Way between Cork and Kerry. Along the way, various attractions and restaurants are visited, providing a realistic overivew of what the Wild Atlantic Way experience is like.

*The picture on this blog post is in County Donegal, and not technically along the Wild Atlantic Way.