The ideal combination of living in a country voted as one of the friendliest in the world, and studying in a place that offers one of the best education systems, attracts many students wanting to study abroad. It is, therefore, not very surprising to find out that Ireland is one of the favoured destinations of students who are looking to enrol onto higher education programs.

Backed by the Irish penchant for high standards of education, Ireland’s institutions of higher education are well known for their excellence in multiple disciplines, including but in no way limited to nanotechnology and neuroscience. Ireland boasts of two world-class universities – Trinity College and the University College, both of which are extremely popular with international students who want to study in Dublin, Ireland.

In addition, there is The International Study Centre, which is based in the centre of Dublin city and is in partnership with both Trinity College and University College, offering a central place for students to explore and choose a discipline for higher studies. The ISC trains them to help meet the criteria for eligibility at either of the two universities by placing students under well-qualified and trained teachers. Furthermore, the universities and study centre are backed with world-class amenities that facilitate learning, including a well-stocked library, IT services, and many delicious eating outlets.

But it’s not just the study centres and universities that make Dublin a cultural tool. In fact, it boasts a sophisticated range of attractions imbued with vibrant culture and a colourful history. It was home to numerous world-famous authors, like W B Yeats and Oscar Wilde, whose literature-focused impact on the city is still visible today. Aside from this, there are a huge amount of galleries and museums dotted throughout Dublin that provide visitors with an in-depth look into Ireland’s past and how it came to be the way it is today.

Outside, yearly festivals bring a lively atmosphere to the streets of Dublin; an atmosphere that it is known for all over the world. Diverse ranges of people get together to enjoy good food, good music, good arts, and good drink. If Dublin had a soundtrack it would include a medley of the lively, local music that echoes throughout the streets, bars, and homes of the city.

And, most importantly, Dublin’s streets have all the tell-tale signs of a modern city that coexists peacefully with the remnants of its past. The peace-loving people of Dublin are proud to provide a ‘home away from home’ to their foreign students and international guests. With cultural shows, theatre and other such activity taking place almost consistently, the streets are always full of vivacious exuberance and there are multiple options available for eating out and having fun. As one student points out in the video below, there is always something new to look for in the markets!

Finally, a surge in investment and a period of financial upswing has made Dublin the headquarters of world-famous companies like Google, Pfizer, Roche and Facebook, providing aspiring students with an ideal place to start an excellent career and to allow the city, that is often thought of as a party place, to provide a more serious aspect to its visitors, tapping into the culture of local business and entrepreneurism.

Dublin, therefore, is the right choice for students looking for the perfect blend of academic excellence and cultural vibrancy, found both within the country’s world-renowned institutions and out and about on the streets.


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