There was a time when the term travel gadget really meant an alarm clock and any accessories that helped organize your camera and its many rolls of film. Let me guess, you forgot cameras once used film. Not to worry, your trip to Ireland doesn’t require any little, plastic film canisters. However, you might want to include a few of these modern gadgets:

Digital Books: You no longer have to negotiate which reading materials get squeezed into your limited luggage space and which ones must stay home. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other tablets let you bring hundreds of digital books to Ireland, and they still take up less room than a traditional guidebook.

Camera: Since you’re visiting one of the most photogenic places on earth, even a basic point-and-shoot digital camera will capture memories of your trip. Be sure to consider accessories that will keep your device safe, like a weatherproof case, and always pack an extra battery and memory card.

Gorilla Pod: Sometimes it’s nice to have yourself in a few of your travel pictures, but at many of the best spots, there’s no place to set your camera – or the Irish weather hasn’t left you a dry spot. The Gorilla Pod is a flexible tripod that can go anywhere and holds your camera in place while you pose in front of your favorite Irish photo ops.

Gorilla pod

Photo credit: islandjoe

Satellite Navigation/GPS: When touring Ireland, a GPS device can easily become your best travel companion. Today’s machines are especially good at getting you in and out of towns and alerts you to which lane you should be in when entering a roundabout.

USB Card Reader: Carrying a reader with a slot that fits your camera’s media card can serve many purposes. You can slip it into a photo kiosk while traveling for instant prints, plug it into a computer at an internet café to upload pics to online storage or email, and you can use it to stow copies of important travel documents onto a spare card.

Noise Canceling Headphones: Whether they fit over your ear or are in the form of ear buds, you’ll be amazed at the difference traveling with noise canceling headphones offers. They mask out background noise making the trip quieter and the in-flight entertainment easier to hear.

Power Adaptors: Most modern electronics simply require a power adaptor (not a full-blown electrical converter). These fancy plugs allow you to plug your device into Ireland UK-style power outlets. If you’re traveling with several devices like a camera, smartphone, and laptop, you may want to bring a small powerstrip; plug it into the wall and there’s now an outlet for everything.

Car Charger: Your standard car charger from home will work in your rental car, so if you’ve got devices that power up using a USB connection, you can charge while you tour. This also eliminates the risk of forgetting your charger at your accommodation.

VinniBag: This inflatable packing container perfectly fits a bottle of Irish whiskey. The extremely durable, super light solution assures that your precious cargo doesn’t break in your luggage, and it’s reusable, so you can use it on every trip.

Scottevest: You’re hauling an arsenal of gadgets and cords and chargers. The Scottevest holds everything in hidden, specially designed pockets that don’t look bulky. Yes, there’s even a pocket that can fit a full-sized iPad.