Do you like your Irish whiskey and beer? Your Irish coffee? Your Irish pubs? The People? The Scenery? Hitting the country roads in a rental car? Then you will just love My Irish Guide. Yes! MY IRISH GUIDE; the innovative brand new mobile phone application giving you all you need for a sightseeing tour around the beautiful scenery of Ireland.


My Irish Guide gives you an audio-summary of the top scenic driving routes around the country and also takes you on a breath-taking walking tour of Dublin. But it doesn’t stop there. My Irish Guide will also provide you with maps for the driving and walking trails and tips about the best spots around town. Need a personal tour guide to point you to the best restaurants, pubs and fun places? Look no further! Download My Irish Guide, pack your suitcase and off you go on a memorable trip to Ireland.


The man behind the project is Stephen Place,  a seasoned Irish tour guide who always dreamed of being able to provide his services to all visitors to Ireland. But how to be in a hundred different places at the same time? Easy – just inject the wit, charm and fun of the man into the application, which can be easily downloaded and is ready for use.


The mobile app is available on both Android and IPhone and is free to download. There are In-App Purchases for as little as 0.89 Cent.


Check out for more details on the App and planning your Irish adventure!