In case you didn’t already know, there is now ‘No Barrier Tolling’ in operation on the Dublin M50 motorway from Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) to Junction 7 (N4 Lucan). There is no cash payment facility available as there is no toll barrier or tolling booth stand on the road. Tolling is by means of number plate recognition via overhead gantries. Cars will pass underneath an overhead camera rail which takes note of your license plate number and then appoints the correct toll charge.

This toll charge is dependent on:

• Type of vehicle (e.g. motor car, heavy goods vehicle)
• Whether or not the driver’s vehicle is registered with an eFlow Tag or Video account, any other tag provider, or whether it is unregistered.

Toll charges for vehicles unregistered with eFlow accounts are as follows:

• Cars Unregistered – €3.10
• Buses or coaches (seating more than 8 passengers) – €3.90

If you haven’t previously registered with eFlow or any other tag provider, use of the M50 toll road requires you to make your toll payment before 8:00pm the following day. If you do not make payment by this time, a penalty charge of €3.00 will be incurred.

If you haven’t paid the toll and the penalty within a further 14 days, an additional late penalty of €41.00 (formerly €40.00) will be charged. If after 56 days, you have failed to pay this outstanding sum this will result in an additional late penalty charge of €102.50 (formerly €100.50). If you have still not paid the amount due, legal proceedings may be initiated.

If you avail of car rental, your rental firm will be responsible for the payment of tolls as registered vehicle owners. Don’t forget to check with the car rental firm! They may have registered the car previously as part of their services and may charge you for whatever M50 tolls were incurred when you bring back the car. You can make contact with your rental company and they will advise you if you need to make payment. If you are advised to make payment to eFlow you may make payment online on their website, by clicking on “Pay a Toll” and entering the vehicle registration and the number of journeys you taken on the M50 toll road. Your rental firm will be able to confirm as to whether a penalty will be charged. Always retain your receipt/ reference number for your records.

Don’t forget that it is important to remember that if you use the M50 Toll Bridge and pre-pay the toll, you may be charged twice. Car rental firms have no way of knowing who has pre-paid tolls. Usually their vehicles are registered directly with the Toll Operator. Your credit card will then be charged directly for each crossing. If you pay eFlow directly without checking with your car rental firm, this could result in a non-refundable duplicate payment!

The nitty gritty details of the M50 Toll system sound more much intricate than they actually are. The trick is to be prepared, plan ahead and if required, don’t forget to confirm all details with your car rental firm!