The team behind the very popular Dublin Airport website have just launched a website covering Dublin Airport T1. This website aims to provide passengers with all the necessary information needed to successfully navigate Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport as quickly and easily as possible.

The website offers visitors information about Live Flight Times, a very popular feature on the Dublin Airport website. Visitors can easily get information about flights, including whether the flight has landed, when it is due in and if it is delayed.

The ‘At The Airport’ information section provides a vast amount of information about Terminal 1, including information on shopping, restaurants and transferring between terminals. A wide range of information is also provided on airport transport, including detailed information on car parking, car rental, bus services and taxis.

“With over 18million passengers passing through Dublin Airport each year, it was felt that there was room to improve on the information already available to passengers. Terminal 1 is still a major hive or activity, and there was a gap in the market for a website providing dedicated information dedicated to T1.”

Dublin Airport has generated many thousands of visitors since it was launched in November 2010. It is hoped that Dublin Airport T1 will enjoy similar levels of traffic.