There are now a number of ways you can pay your toll at the tolling stations around Ireland. Gone are the days necessitating exact change each visit. No longer are you rooting in car pockets looking for that 10cent coin needed to pass.

Most toll stations around Ireland now operate a tag system whereby an electronic tag records your passing which is paid via an account set with the company you have got the tag from. This speeds up your transition through the toll station as the barrier lifts automatically on approach when it detects an active toll tag. It is highly recommended for people who go through toll stations regularly.

There are a couple of different companies who offer these tags but who is the best? We have listed your options below and links to their sites so you can make an informed decision on which toll tag suits you best. The discounted rates are the same across the board with the only difference we can see is the admin charges and fees each company has.

Eflow Tags

Eflow are the official body running the M50 and they offer two types of account. A video account serves the M50 only and operates by keeping your car registration on file and everytime you pass through the M50, a charge is made against your account. Eflow also offer their version of the toll tag which works on the M50 barrier free toll and all other toll stations in Ireland.

Your account will be charged a monthly Account Fee of €1.21 per Tag.

eflow toll

Tolltag/Park magic works on all toll roads including the M50 and their rates are listed as below. The cost per crossing are the same as the eflow tag costs listed above.




















EasyTrip toll crossing are again the same as the eflow base toll rates. The difference lies in the fees and admin charges list below: