President of the United States Barack Obama completed his whistle stop tour of Ireland with a truly inspirational speech on College Green in Dublin City Centre. The trip also involved Obama visiting his ancestral home of Moneygall. In fact he introduced himself to the crowd as “Barack Obama of the Moneygall Obamas”.

The Predident himself or POTUS as he is also known touched down in Dublin Airport at 9.30am on May 23rd meeting President McAleese upon arrival. Security operations began weeks before to ensure the trip ran smoothly and safely. He traveled from their to the US Embassy in Dublin 2 in his customised limo known as the beast. Beast being quite an adequate name as its size and weight  is without comparison. It was certainly something the designers of the ramp exiting the embassy were not expecting. Watch the video below for more detail, its very funny!

Next stop was Monegall, County Offaly where Obama’s great great…..great grandfather heralded from. He and Michelle battled the elements to interact with the crowd and even had time to have a pint of the black stuff in Hayes pub. This visit to Moneygall was particularly special for the meeting of Obama and his lost relative Henry Healy and both were seen to be enjoying the day.

Then it was quickly back on Marine 1 and to Dublin to deliver a rousing speech to expectant onlookers at College Green. The full speech can be viewed below.

Obama’s speech was full of humour humility and hope. All facets that this nation needs. The only poignant moment was the sad passing of Garret Fitzgerald, a true leader of this country and Obama paid a deserved recognition of his work for the state.

It was a flying visit by Obama as he starts his campaign for re-election but one could not help feel that this trip was not just political but also personal too. POTUS is a hugely popular figure on this island and his recent trip only boosted this further. Maybe if he is unsuccessful running for President of the United States we could have him over here to run for the Dail!