News is coming out today that Ryanair is increasing its costs for checked luggage from €15 to €20 for July an August this Year. This comes hot on the heels that Ryanair are also discussing introducing toilet charges on all flights under an hour.

The cheek of Ryanair at this stage should not be surprising. They say its to encourage travelers to bring less baggage. Carry on luggage can weigh up to 10kg and each seat holder even children can have a carry on bag. This is the obvious way around the charge.

At this stage the bag I am carrying will cost more than the seat. Ryanair as many predicted are becoming the bus of the sky. What will it be next, I assume the time where I carry my checking luggage and drop it on a conveyor belt at the plane is next. Possibly standing room is the way future.

Families are the most fearful of this increase as simply, they carry the most stuff on holidays. Ryanair are also increasing the cost if you at the last minute want to check in a bag at the airport. This has risen from €30 to €40 per bag. That would really put a dampener of the holiday. Oh and that’s each way!

I always wondered, if I traveled with my girlfriend and we had one checked in bag and my bag was over the weight limit, is there any stopping me from opening the bag and putting on every piece of clothing in the bag. Apart from looking stupid (Which I am more than happy to do), is there anything else that will happen?

Before I come across as a real Ryanair basher, I would just like to put forward one thought. If I was a group renting a bus. If the bus hadn’t enough room for the baggage I wanted i would have to either rent a bigger bus or a trailer. That isn’t seen as family bashing, its just the way it works. So as a Ryanair traveler (who never checks in luggage), why should I have to pay increased fares for families to have a checked in bag each? I also can make sure I go to the toilet before boarding meaning I never have to pay the toilet charge.

In summary the important thing to think about if considering Ryanair is preperation !

Prepare your luggage arrangements before you book flights.

Prepare your body before boarding – go to the toilet, get food/drink before boarding.

Prepare your check in for outward and inward flights.

Prepare to be taken for a ride if you make a mistake!