1000’s of us hate to use the airline an Michael O’Leary is sure to infuriate passengers further by pressing ahead with the controversial toilet charge across all flights lasting an hour or less.

Ryanair claim they are doing it for the benefit of passengers. Charging for toilet usage allows them to reduce costs allowing them the ability to offer cheap fares. They are working with Boeing to integrate a coin slot (€1 or £1) onto its fleet numbers more than 150.

Ryanair plan to remove 2 of the three toilets on board, they can add 6 seats. The theory is that passengers will use the toilets in the terminal facilities before they board.

Where will Ryanair draw the line…..probably nowhere! Michael O’Leary is a very shrewd business man who will cut costs wherever he can and it is unlikely this will be the last shocking charge Ryanair implements for the benefit of passengers.

To be honest, we can all hold it in for an hour so it shouldn’t affect the regular flyer too much. I wonder how much of this is to scare people from getting up from their seats during short-haul flights. The cabin crew could traverse with the expensive drinks as well as the shopping cart which boost the Ryanair coffers.

Next it will be treadmills instead of seats to help power the plane, Ryanair claim it will help the environment and reduce costs! Lazy people who just want to relax during their flight will have to pay €5 extra as well as a handling fee for the seat.