Most people will remember the old TV shows like Space 1999 and Lost in Space. We are now well into 2010 and where is my unicolour jumpsuit or steak dinner in pill form? Even Hollywood predicted we would be using hoverboards by 2015 in Back to the Future II. Although we haven’t developed as many predicted, 2010 will go down in history with the introduction of the usage of electric cars to Dublin. Although it is quite possible that people have owned electric cars in Dublin, the first ever charge points have been unveiled in Dublin powered by ESB.

ESB plan to establish 1500 across Dublin, Galway, limerick, Cork and Waterford. This means for the first time, having an electric car is a viable option. until now a motorist would only be able to travel as far from their house allowing enough power to get back home and recharge.

I expect the pick up of people buying electric cars to be slow. Many people myself included don’t particularly like change and its not something I would consider yet.

But what would make people switch. Since we operate a tax system based on CO2 emissions, will people need to pay any tax at all? Could we open up bus lanes to electric cars? Could we offer free public parking? There are many incentives we could offer for early adopters.

The cost of running these electric cars I assume is minimal? No more expensive petrol bills! I think it will be a while before I get my hoverboard but I may get my electric car by the end of the decade.