Ireland and Molesworth street in particular are in chaos with up to 50,000 people on the waiting list for passports. Fear has caused panic much of the backlog building up since people heard the work to rule status followed by social welfare staff. Potentially people are going to miss their hard-earned holidays which are even more valuable in today’s climate.

But is there anything you can do? Is your holiday in the next few days. People have queued for hours outside the office hoping to be seen but to no avail. Word from inside the passport office says that they are processing passports on an emergency basis but angry scenes again on Molesworth street beg to differ. People are beginning to  protest themselves with one man barricading himself inside the office and refusing to leave without his passport.

A few handy tips though to keep in mind:

1: Traveling to the UK an Irish citizen only needs a form of photo ID (Driver’s License, Government-issued ID etc) but this is at the discretion of airline company you use.

2: Kids under 16 can travel with a parent without their own passport to the UK.

3: As Ireland are not member’s of the Schengen Agreement, all travel for Irish citizens to continental Europe requires a valid passport.

4: Contact your holiday provider to confirm if your holiday insurance covers this predicament. I am guessing not.

There is no end in sight for this debacle with the news that thew union has issues protective strike action. In another disaster for the government, their only hope is that the common man see the union as the bad guy of the situation and sympathize with the battered government.