Gone are the days when a family vacation meant a day spent in a plastic amusement park, standing in hour long lines, baking under the sun and trying to convince children who have consumed twice their body weight in sugary treats that yes, they actually do have to go to bed. Now families can travel to places like the Shannon region, where their children can explore green fields and forests, play on the beaches, swim in the ocean and experience a whole new culture. The Shannon region, in return, offers a wide variety of activities certain to appeal to families of all sizes and ages, so make it a stop on your trip to Ireland, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Shannon region is widely regarded as an ideal escape for families with children. Because the Shannon region features a wealth of natural outdoor retreats, there is plenty of space for children to simply run off excess energy, leaving them worn out and ready to sleep all night. The beaches are of particular renown; families can relax on the shores, looking for treasures in the sand, or they can try their hand at snorkelling or swimming in the sea. There are also beautiful lakes and rivers, giving families the chance to try their hand at fishing or boating.

Other popular family attractions in the Shannon region include folk and heritage parks to explore that entertain and educate at the same time, as well as petting farms where children can see farm life up close, and water worlds where they can enjoy pools and slides. Families will have the chance to book a dolphin watching tour, or to take walking tours through the woods and explore nature. Horseback riding is always popular, as is the chance to explore the many castles in the region. Older children may also have fun touring the museums, trying a bicycle tour . . . no matter what families decide to do, the Shannon region will have plenty to keep everybody busy.