There is a lot of confusion around over how to pay the new barrier free M50 Toll. I hope to address these issues in this post and give people some information on how to pay toll. Most confusion seems to be arising out of post paying the toll. Most Irish residents are well briefed on the particulars of paying for the toll. For tourists either renting a car or visiting Ireland in a car, the third option is most relevant.

Option 1: Tag Registration

The easiest way to pay the M50 toll is with an electronic tag. To receive an electronic tag you will need to register with one of the many providers. The toll costs €2 although most providers charge a €1 per month administration fee. Every time you pass through the toll with an electronic tag your account gets debited the cost of the toll. Your account is topped up automatically when your balance runs low and in effect is a pre-paid system.

For more information about the electronic tag operators please click here. The electronic tags work on all toll roads in Ireland but this option is not a viable one for tourists.

Option 2: Video Registration

The second automatic payment based system is a vehicle number plate based payment account. If you have a video registration account, you will be debited for each journey over the Toll Bridge that you make. Accounts can be either pre paid or post paid and tolls cost €2.50.

The video registration system only works on the M50 but there is no monthly account management or registration fee. This system is again not suitable for tourists or car rental customers.

Option 3: Post Payment

The third option is to post pay by 8pm the following day after using the toll bridge. The toll for post paying is €3. There are several options for post paying a toll:

– Pay Online
– Payzone Outlets
– Phone Payment

If a toll is not paid by 8pm the following day, a fine or penalty will be issued. If the toll has not been paid by 8pm the following day, a penalty or fine of €3 is added to the existing toll. If the toll and fine / penalty is not paid within 14 days an additional €40 will be added to the fines. Failure to pay the full amount due within a further 56 days will lead to an additional €100 penalty with legal proceedings to follow for non payment

Pay Online
Both tolls and fines can be paid online at To pay the toll or fine you will need the registration plate of the vehicle used during the passage over the toll bridge.

Payzone Outlets
Payzone outlets are dotted throughout the country but can become sparse as you move further away from the toll bridge. You will need the vehicle registration number and can pay in many garages throughout the country

Phone Payment
The third option for post payment is over the phone. The Locall 1890 50 10 50 can be call from anywhere within Ireland.

Car Rental Customers

Unfortunately the toll bridge provide no additional supports or options to the car rental industry. If you rent a car from one of the many car rental companies in Ireland you will be responsible for the toll yourself. If you do not pay the toll, the car rental company will receive the fine and will charge an administration charge to pay the fines and deal with the matter.

Companies such as Car, Atlas Car Hire Ireland and Hertz Rent A Car will provide you with the information you need to pay for the toll in order to avoid fines and administration charges.

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