Runners and walkers alike who enjoy scenic views and a still challenge are sure to get fired up over the annual marathons in Ireland.

Connemara International Marathon
The Connemara International Marathon, also called Connemarathon for short, is an annual international event held in Connemara, West Ireland’s pride and the country’s “Outdoor Capital”. The marathon is made up of a half marathon (13.1 miles), a full marathon (26.2 miles) and the only ultramarathon (39.3) in Ireland. The marathons are held during April each year. In 2008, more than 3,500 entries from over 25 countries joined the marathon.

There is an entrance fee of €70 which includes bus transfers to and from the race and each finisher receives a t-shirt, a medal and post race refreshments. Water stations are also provided, and are available every 3 miles. Tea or coffee, sandwiches and soup are also available in certain locations after the race.

If you’re taking part in the marathon, it is important to bring your race number, timing chip and wrist band. You may bring extra clothes and place them inside your marked bag, which will be transported to the finish line by a truck. Ipods and MP3 players are not allowed in the marathon for “safety reasons”.

The results of the Connemara International Marathon are published on the Connemarathon website afterwards.

Dublin International Marathon
The Lifestyle Sports – Adidas Dublin Marathon, heralded as the “Friendly Marathon”, is an annual event held in Dublin each October over the bank holiday weekend. Aside from the marathon proper, also included is the Lifestyle Sports – Adidas Family Fun Run, which is the largest non-competitive Family Fun Run in Ireland. Approximately 10,000 entries are expected to join this year’s Dublin Marathon. One can register online to join the event.

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For runners, a baggage area is made available, where they can leave their official bags. Water stations serving up pure still water are available on the course, as well as public toilets. There are also first aid stations near the water stations with ambulance volunteers standing by.

A picture of you will be taken as you cross the finish line. After this, you can proceed to get your baggage and then enjoy a massage from the Chartered Physiotherapy of Ireland volunteers. The results of the race will be posted on the Internet several days after the race. The certificates for the race will also be made available online, wherein you can input your race number. You will then be able to retrieve an online certificate, which you can print.

There is a post-race party after the marathon. There is an entrance fee of €15 which includes music by local bands and finger food.

For more information, visit the Lifestyle Sports – Adidas Dublin Marathon.

Cork City Marathon
The Cork City Marathon was revived in 2007 with the last marathon held in 1986. Held in June, the marathon includes both an individual and a team relay event.

All the participants who finish the Cork City Marathon will receive a Champion Sports medal. For the year 2008, there are more than 10 medical stations spread out over the course with added bicycle units. Gatorade became the sponsor for the Cork City Marathon for 2008 and runners will receive Gatorade energy drinks as part of their race pack upon registration.

Some people who enter the Cork City Marathon first try out the Bay Run Half Marathon. This prepares the runners by allowing them to try the West Cork course a month prior to the Cork City Marathon.

For more information, visit the Cork City Marathon website.

Tourism and the Irish Marathons
Marathons in Ireland are growing in popularity, in particular the Dublin International Marathon. With this in mind, we have teamed up with to offer discounts to any runner who needs to rent a car while visiting Ireland to compete in a Marathon.
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