An increase in taxi fares is due to come into force on November 1st. The increase will raise fares by just over 8% and was announced by the Commission for Taxi Regulation on September 22nd 2008. The standard and premium initial charges and subsequent tariffs (the fare charged for hiring the taxi and the charge per minute or distance) will increase by 8.3%.

The increase in charges will see the initial €4.10 charge for hiring a taxi rise to €4.45 during premium times which is applied from 2000 until 0800 daily. Sundays, bank holidays and certain time frames over the Christmas period are also charged at the premium rate. According to the Commission for Taxi Regulation, this is due to the high demand for taxis during these times. The charges for booking a taxi and having extra passengers remain unchanged.

The last increase in taxi fares happened in September 2006. The new price hikes are as a result of a public consultation process which took place in April.

“[Taxis were the]… only mode of transport that had not increased its fares in the last two years. Other modes of transport – buses, trains and the Luas – have all increased their fares in that time. Bus fares alone have increased by 8.9 per cent.” – Kathleen Doyle