Ireland has a long and proud history of dramatists and dramatic performances. Playwrights Richard Sheridan, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw are possibly some of the most famous such artists that Ireland has produced, but they are far from the only ones.

Even today Ireland continues to offer residents and visitors a thriving, vibrant dramatic culture, with something for everybody from the youngest child to the most jaded theatre critic. Whether you are one, the other, or fall somewhere in between, Ireland’s theatres are bound to offer you something that is just to your tastes!

Given the number of famous playwrights that Ireland has produced, it is only to be expected that some of their plays continue to be performed to this day. If it’s a touch of traditional Irish drama you’re after, all that wants doing is a little investigating to see whose plays are being performed where. Oscar Wilde is usually a safe bet, as is George Bernard Shaw. Of course, even if you cannot make it to the actual performance, the origins of these great men are certainly accessible to the public, and make a tolerable substitute.

If it’s current performances you’re after, there are nearly limitless options open to you. Summer is of course a popular time for theatre festivals, but even if you visit Ireland in the autumn or winter, major cities are bound to have something to offer.

Ireland takes its arts seriously, and one quick telephone call to the visitor information centre for the city you plan to visit will bring you up to speed on exactly what dramatic delights are planned to take place while you are visiting. Whether you are looking for a fun and light-hearted matinee for the kids or a more serious production to send you away thinking, rest assured that Ireland will be able to deliver!