With people visiting Dingle expressing such widely varying preferences for entertainment and accommodation, it should come as no wonder to learn that the types of accommodation offered vary just as widely. When you visit you can stay anywhere from a four star luxury centrally-located hotel to a modest little guest house tucked away in the Peninsula hills, and can choose between remote areas and those of greater population.

One of the increasingly popular residency options, particularly for people who have already visited Dingle a few times and know their way around, are self-catering cottages. These vary in the degrees of service offered, but all of them do provide the traveler with a greater degree of autonomy than would a hotel room, a bed and breakfast, guest house or any other form of accommodation where the resident is under closer scrutiny. If you prefer peace, quiet and privacy and the chance to set your own schedule, perhaps set up housekeeping and feel a greater degree of control over your own space, then self-catering accommodation is quite possibly a wise choice.

Dingle offers visitors a generous variety in self-catering accommodation, usually in the form of small cottages that can be rented by the week or the months. Many of these are centrally located, such as the Single Marina Cottages, which are found right in Dingle own. With their lovely harbour view Dingle Marina Cottages are a popular choice with guests, and in addition to their view of Dingle Harbour they also offer comfortable, well-appointed sleeping and living quarters, including a fully fitted kitchen (crockery and cutlery included) with all necessary linens and towels provided for your greater convenience. If you happen to visit during a chilly spell, the electric heating will keep you warm and cosy, and you can look out over your harbour view in comfort.

Of course, if you fancied living it up a bit you could also check into Heatons Guest House which is located just outside of Dingle.