Once you arrive in Cork, chances are you will be eager to get started on some of the many opportunities that await you. Having put the Cork Airport behind you and arrived at your chosen accommodation for a brief rest, you are no doubt eager to get out and explore. Perhaps you want to go golfing, or head out into the countryside for a hike or horseback ride. Maybe the theatre is calling your name, or perhaps you feel drawn toward the shops and boutiques the area itself has to offer. No matter what it is, you will want to know how to get there!

There are a few different ways to get around in Cork. One of the easiest when your destination is not too far away is of course to simply hit the streets and start walking! There are several walking tours available that will give you an idea of the layout of the city and allow you to feel a bit more confident at setting out on your own. Or, if your destination is slightly outside of walking distance but still reasonably close, you could avail yourself of the public transport system. Minimum bus fare in Cork City is currently 70c, which will allow you to access all parts of the inner city.

Taxis are also a good choice for direct trips within the city, and are especially popular if you are not comfortable trusting your ability to read a bus schedule or if you’re in a hurry to get right to your destination. They are also a popular choice with shoppers who realise they have acquired a bit too much to take on a bus! However, if you want to have greater freedom and be able to go farther outside the city, then why not hire a rental car? A car rental in Cork will give you a great degree of freedom when you want to pursue activities both within the city and farther afield.