In a country such as Ireland, with such a rich and impressive history, it is easy to understand why such efforts are underway to both preserve and promote the heritage of the country. Ireland’s story dates back to the prehistoric, with rich archaeological deposits found all over the country. Visitors to Dublin are in a prime position to enjoy many opportunities to explore the history and heritage of Dublin as well as Ireland as a whole, so start thinking about what you most want to focus on, because if there’s one thing of which Ireland need fear no shortage, that’s history.

The National Museum of Archaeology and History is a wonderful place to start when visitors to Dublin want to get a true appreciation for the scope of Ireland’s archaeological past. Opened in 1890, the Museum itself is something of a national treasure, and the exhibits it boasts are nothing short of awe inspiring. In addition to a fine collection of Medieval art, the museum boasts the richest collection of prehistoric gold artifacts in all of Europe— enough to capture the heart of romantics and historians alike!

The Dublin Writers’ Museum is a universally popular attraction, featuring exhibits dedicated to the life and literature of such famous Irish writers as Shaw, Wilde, Joyce, Sheridan, Beckett and Yeats, to name just a few. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is also a popular attraction, examining Ireland’s more recent contribution to art history, or, if you would rather take a more active exploration of Ireland’s history, why not try one of the city tours? A hired car will get you where you want to go much faster, of course, but there is a certain appeal to the “hop on, hop off” bus tours that allow a pleasant blend of the taught and self-guided.

Heritage sites and centres abound in Dublin; what better place for those interested in exploring Ireland’s wealth of history to get started?