Europcar Rugby World Cup 2015 Planner

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Following on from our successful Rugby World Cup fixture 2011 guide and 2011 Heineken Cup guide, Europcar have introduced an interactive fixture guide for the Rugby World Cup 2015! Europcar’s Rugby World Cup 2015 fixture calendar is a great way of keeping up-to-date on the scores, pools, upcoming fixtures. The rugby world cup fixture guide is viewable in any flash friendly [...]

Finding the adrenaline rush in Ireland

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a•dren•a•line [uh-dren-l-in, -een] Definitions “adrenalin rush” adrenalin rush or adrenaline rush noun a feeling of excitement, stimulation and enhanced physical ability produced when the body secretes large amounts of adrenaline in response to a sudden perceived or induced stress situation.                                   [...]

Royal Portrush to Host Irish Open in 2012

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The Irish Open Golf Championship will be held at the Royal Portrush golf club, during the week of June 28th 2012. It is the first time since 1951 that the famous golf course is to hold a major competition, with the Irish Open being held here once previously in 1947. Indeed, the Irish Open hasn’t been [...]

Heineken Cup Fixture Guide

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Europcar have recently launched a new guide for the Heineken Cup Fixtures. Given that there are four Irish teams playing in the Heineken Cup this year, it is a very useful fixture guide and builds on the success of their recent Rugby World Cup fixture guide. There have been some new additions to the fixture guide [...]

The Irish Open 2011 – July 28th – 31st

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Next Bank Holiday weekend sees the arrival of the Irish Open and the amazing achievement of welcoming 3 Irish Major winners over the past 2 years. GMac (Graeme McDowell), Wee Mac Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke are all due to attend this year's event which will be located in the Killarney Golf and Fishing Club, County [...]

Discover Ireland’s Golfing Treasures

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In Ireland, you will never be far from a quality golf course. The beautiful landscape, excellent choice of courses and reasonable prices has kept golfing enthusiasts coming back to Ireland again and again for years. And the Emerald Isle’s reputation as a top golfing destination was further boosted by the country’s hosting of the Ryder Cup [...]

Racing in Ireland

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the track or have never been to the course in your life, there is something exhilarating about watching a horse race. Ireland has a long and noble history of racing, and the pride the country takes in this history can be most clearly seen in their modern day equestrian [...]