Every country is beautiful in its own unique way, but some countries are just beautifully unique. Ireland is one such country. If you are visiting the country for the first time there is so much waiting for you to explore. There are of course several things you must consider to have a smart and safe journey if you are traveling to Ireland.


All major travel insurances cover work in Ireland. So you can move freely and comfortably in the county knowing you are covered. If you are an American or Canadian citizen then your travel insurance company may even have an operational branch in Ireland. This country also has some temporary insurance cover that can be bought to provide cover for a specific time span. This is particularly helpful if a particular cover is needed for the duration you are in the country and your travel insurance does not provide the desired cover.













Visitors to Ireland, be it on vacation, business or educational visit should know that the national health plan for Ireland does not offer any cover to foreign visitors especially of U.S or Canadian origin. For health insurance, ensure your travel insurance covers you or have another cover but do not be dependent on the Ireland national health plan. All major travel insurance and other insurance covers may have some provisions for your health cover when travelling but one should confirm before traveling.











In Ireland there is a 17.5 percent value added tax on all goods and services. For visitor from outside the European Union there is a provision to reclaim a refund on goods purchased for export. The reclaim can be refunded on the spot or through the retail export scheme. It’s important to note that the refund will apply only to goods that are being moved out of the country.

One should look for the tax free shops and obtain a tax refund document which must be dully filled for the refund to be affected. If you do not get the value added tax refund on the spot, then the shop will ask for you to give your details which will be used to give the refund. Tax and customer contact number will be required by the shop. Remember that these refunds apply only to non-European Union members. Also have in mind that the refunds apply only to goods and not to services offered.













The country operates two custom channels. The green and the red channels. For those travelers with goods that need duty and tax allowances, the red channel is used. The green channel is for those with nothing to declare.


Ireland uses the Euro as the main currency though Northern Ireland uses the Sterling. The country accepts all major credit cards. Master cards, visa cards and American express cards are majorly accepted in Ireland. In Ireland banks open at around 10am and run through to around 4pm.












With the given information you can travel safely and enjoy your time in Ireland.