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15 Great Blogs for Irish Travel

Whether you’re a holidayer or an Irish local, there are many travel blogs that’ll keep you interested! A unique view on Dublin, festival guides and comical stories on Ireland will keep you checking back for more.

  1. A Year of Festivals in Ireland – Taking a hands-on approach to reporting Ireland’s festivals, A Year of Festivals focuses on events big and small.
  2. B&B Ireland –  Offering a steady parade of great travel articles, B&B Ireland focuses on authentic Irish experiences.
  3. Built Dublin –  Capturing the beautiful, interesting, or strange in Dublin’s built environment, this blog provides images, information, and maps.
  4. Discover Ireland –  The official blog for Irish tourism regularly shares stories of places and activities visitors will love.
  5. Engaging Ireland – In addition to audio posts, their blog also hosts an inventory of Irish travel details.
  6. From China Village – While focusing on culture and lifestyle, this blog offers some outstanding travel tips.
  7. Got Ireland –  Offering a full lineup of Irish travel information, this blog also features a special category to help choose local tours.
  8. Infinite Ireland –  Filled with tips and suggestions with the first time visitor to Ireland in mind, this blog offers step-by-step advice.
  9. Ireland Travel Kit –  A crew of Irish travel experts and enthusiasts regularly talk about their favorite places in Ireland.
  10. Ireland with Kids –  Loaded with useful tips for family travel on the Emerald Isle, Ireland with Kids also features a daily photo.
  11. Irish American Mom –  The travel section of this blog written by an Irish mom raising her family in the United States keeps getting better.
  12. Irish Fireside Podcast and Blog – Regular Irish travel and culture posts keep content fresh between their audio and video podcasts.
  13. Irish History Podcast – Written from a historical perspective, this blog and podcast provides insight into some of Ireland’s most interesting places.
  14. Paddy’s Wagon – After winning a month-long trip to Ireland, Paddy documented her dream trip in this charming blog.
  15. Time Travel Ireland –  This blog looks at Ireland’s incredible history one interesting place at a time.
Additional recommended blogs:

  1. Vibrant Ireland–  Get the insider’s knowledge about the local hidden gems and great reads on Kilkenny & nearby areas. **Thanks to Liam @ GotIreland

If you know more that should be mentioned, do drop a line in the comments!

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  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for including Got Ireland.
    To add one more to your list … Susan at does a great job at showing off lovely Kilkenny, amongst other parts of the country.


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    Added your suggestion, thanks!


  3. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Lianne! What great company we are in! Such a fantastic list.

  4. Christopher says:

    cool sist of blogs showing the sites of irland

  5. Patrick says:

    It was good to see the irish travel site. I really enjoyed the time travel ireland, such a fantastic idea

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    it very interesting site and there so much to explore.

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