My Discover Ireland – How it works?

My Discover Ireland – How it works?

Discover places with My Discover Ireland, a new mapping route for Ireland.

My Discover Ireland is similar to Google Maps but with added features to aid tourists to plan their road trips and helps to find what they could visit on the way to their next destination. Many drivers unknowingly pass fantastic places that should have been visited; this can be avoided by using!

Normally when you plan your route, you put in where you’re starting from and going to destination and it would bring up the directions to follow. Using My Discover Ireland, it displays places to could be visited within 10KM on either side of the driving route. It gives you the opportunities to explore, more adventures, a break on a long drive and fresh air on the way!

How it works

1. Enter the destinations

This would be your starting point and where you want to go.
i.e Donegal to Portlaoise, Ireland

Note: Sometimes the locations need to be specific, ie Derry Northern Ireland will bring you to Northern Ireland rather Derry in Republic of Ireland.

Adding destinations


2. Click on Get Directions

3. Find what to visit / Sorting the categories

This shows your route and what hotspots you could visit, there are five categories to choose from; Culture, Museums, Outdoors, Historic and Attractions. You can choose to see as many types of categories you wish or just the one by unticking the categories.

All categories on the route

Selected categories on the route

Click on the icons to see more information & photographs. Many listings accompany photographs to help you to decide if this is something that interests you.

Click “Add Destination” to add it to your route.

Attraction with images

4.View your trip results on the right panel.

Trip Results

Trip Results











– Print the driving directions
– Reverse directions
– Clear map
– Destinations – can be dragged to alternate the order or deleted by clicking on X

Drag the destinations to alternate the order






My Discover Ireland gives an estimation of the basic details;

Route distances in KM & Miles
Route duration
Fuel costs
Driving directions, including the turn by turns.

5. My Discover Ireland makes it very easy to share your route plans with friends;

Facebook / Twitter / Google or Email the route directions to yourself or friends!

Share My Discover Ireland route plans

Happy planning!

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