Discover places along your road trip with MyDiscoverIreland

MyDiscoverIreland has designed a map that you could discover places along your road trip! This was built with locals and tourists in mind. The free mapping guide allows you to create A to B route in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland and see what hotspots you could visit en-route.


You may think, “oh this is another route planner” like AA route Planner or Google Maps even but MyDiscoverIreland is different, it highlights the tourist hotspots include cultural attractions, museums, outdoor attractions, historic hotpots and scenic areas on either side of the direct route  that you have no idea of the treasures you may be driving by. Many attractions have photographs accompanying them so you can decide if this is an attraction that you might be interested in, and add it to your route.

Don’t like the idea of using tour buses and be limited to their timetables? Perhaps you could use MyDiscoverIreland to personalise your own road trip and see what YOU want to see. You can achieve a “Self-touring” experience by logging in your destinations and find what you can explore along the route, print out the trip results and set off in your car. Remember you benefit with flexibility, travel at your own pace and choose how long you want to stay in an area!

With a big year ahead of us in Ireland with “The Gathering Ireland 2013”, a year-long events & festivals to celebrate the Irish Culture. With over 3000 events nationwide in Ireland, you can find the hotspots in between the events you’re going to.

You can share your MyDiscoverIreland road trip plans with friends & family with ease. Email the route details to them and they can click on the link to see the plans with all the hotspots displayed. You can also share the route plans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The trip results can be printed out on paper to keep and be used as a guide when driving in Ireland.

MyDiscoverIreland Trip Results will generate an A to B journey completed with driving directions, estimated fuel cost per trip, distances in KM/Miles and duration to print out.

Starting building your dream road trip in Ireland here!



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