HitTail – a keyword tool that you need!

HitTail – a keyword tool that you need!

After spotting the HitTail tool is featured on SEOmoz.com Pro Perks and hearing good feedback on how HitTail helped to increase web traffic by focusing on the right keywords to use. I’ve signed up to find out more and found it to be a useful tool!

What is HitTail?

HitTail is an organic keyword suggestion tool that analyses the keywords which currently drives traffic to your website. By seeing what keywords works and suggests the relevant / strong short & longtail keywords that you would be able to rank for.

In short, the tool gives you content ideas to develop that your readers are searching for. HitTail is a must if you are blogging and relying on your website to boost your presence!

How it works?

HitTail gives you a piece of Javascript code to implement into your website(s) coding; this allows HitTail to record the keywords and the referring domains used to find your website(s).  Using this data, they can suggest keywords that you would benefit from and start seeing an improvement.

Image courtesy of HitTail on http://www.hittail.com/

Get Started

To get started using the tool, go to www.hittail.com to create an account and add your website domain name. There is a 21 day free trial to test first and different plans to suit your requirements.

You will see an Javascript code that you need to add, there are two ways:

1 – WordPress – simply install their HitTail Keyword suggestion plugin.

2 – Website – add the code before </body> tag on a section that covers all your pages.

After completing one of these steps, go back to your HitTail account and start seeing the results. It is really that simple!

The dashboard is very straightforward and simple to use, five main sections to use.

1.  Suggestions – this is where you will find the suggestions and what search engine you would be able to rank for. These can be filtered by All / New / Paid / Organic keywords.

2.  To Do – Compile a list of keywords that you wish to use for your content.

3. My HitTail – A clear visualisation on your top 10 keywords and long tail keywords that is bringing in traffic.

It also shows the percentage of traffic comes from short/long tail keywords. One of our website shows a whopping 70.7% off traffic comes from long-tail keywords!

4. Keywords – Records the keyword that was used to bring the visitor to your website.

5. Search hits – Shows you the domain referrer to your website.


Having used this for the previous month, this is a nifty tool that comes with ultimate ease giving me the fresh ideas I need. I see it being a simple version of Google Analytics which solely focuses on one element of SEO – the keywords. This keeps the data neat and tidy.

This would be regularly used by me and my colleagues.

P.S If you’re a pro member at seomoz.org, you get 25% discount!

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