Food Lovers, prepare to be impressed!!

Yes, Ireland has stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes. Yes, Ireland has the most striking sandy beaches. Yes, Irish people are the friendliest people in the world and yes, they are famous for their Irish stews and bacon and cabbage. But wait a minute… lovers of food please take note!! Ireland has taken massive culinary leaps in recent years and produces the most amazing quality food without forgetting the all-important value for money.

The chefs of Ireland and the hospitality sector in general work in close harmony with the farmers, fishermen, country-markets throughout Ireland, taking advantage of the plentiful Irish produce that is right under their noses. You are guaranteed a delicious, quality dining experience as a result of the finest of fresh seafood, melt in the mouth Irish meat, free range poultry and fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

La Guide du Routard recently summed up the Irish dining experience by saying that it’s “as good, if not better, than anywhere else in the world!”

Visiting Ireland, you can expect fantastic quality cuisine and will never have to settle for anything less than the best. Ireland has come a long way in recent years with restaurants, country houses and B&Bs up and down the Emerald Isle producing top quality, delicious food.

Ireland’s progress has been so extensive that you can even enjoy tailor-made “Food Lovers” holiday vacations to Ireland. The getaways involve staying in accommodation that specifically caters for guests who are passionate about their food. You get the opportunity to visit country-markets, watch cookery demonstrations, enjoy fun food tasting sessions and even to be involved in the creation of a menu from start to the delicious finish!

Food lovers, prepare to be impressed!