Toll Fees and Locations in Ireland


View Ireland Toll Location and fares in a larger map

Above are the locations and fares for all tolls in Ireland. Hopefully this will be of use to people. All but one toll works as one would expect, payment as you pass through. The only exception is the M50 barrier free toll which can be paid either online at or by phoning 1890 50 10 50.

The locations listed above are:

  • M1 Motorway toll
  • M50 Barrier free toll
  • East link toll bridge
  • Port tunnel (northbound and southbound)
  • M4 Kilcock
  • N6 Galway
  • N8 Rathcormac/ Fermoy Bypass
  • N25 Waterford city Bypass
  • Limerick Tunnel
  • M3
  • M7/M8


  1. how do i pay my toll, iv been trying for 2 weeks. I live in the uk and i would love to pay can you send me a contact number so i can pay please (N6) van PF06 MFO

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    • Hey,

      Where abouts between Dublin and Sligo is the toll situated. There are more than one section of the N4 either side of the M4 where there is a toll listed on the above map.

      Can you give me some more info?


      • The project involved the construction of 39 km of motorway from Kinnegad to Kilcock and is an extension of the Kilcock-Maynooth-Leixlip motorway on the N4/N6 Sligo/Galway to Dublin route. The Motorway by-passes the towns of Enfield and Kinnegad.

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  4. Where is the M7/M8 Toll? Its just after the last Portlaoise exit southbound.

    Also you’re missing the Toll on M3 Navan road. (just south of Navan)

    Oh and i almost forgot, Limerick Tunnel joining M18 with Limerick ring road.

  5. The map has now been updated and should contain all toll stations and charges. Simply click on the euro symbol to see the cost per vehicle.


  6. Map indicates that toll is on Dublin side of Portlaoise which is incorrect. On clicking on the Portlaoise area the toll moves to Cork/Limerick side of Portlaoise which is correct. The initial map (before clicking on it) is misleading. Donal.

  7. Map updated with latest toll fees on April 30th 2012. If you spot something not quite right please leave a comment so we can share the most up to date data.

  8. We have to drive from Sandyford (south Dublin) to Belfast City on Monday, can you tell us how many and what tolls we will have to pay? And are they paid at a gate or online? We’re flying out from Belfast so don’t want to miss them (if they’re gate free tolls) then get a large bill from our rental car company.

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