Dublin Airport City


The Dublin Airport Authority has recently announced plans for an ambitions development of the Dublin Airport are and surrounding environs. This ambitions project will develop at 350 acre land reserve situated to the East of Dublin Airport and will cost in the region of €4 billion.

Of this 350 acres, 90% is already owned by the Dublin Airport Authority, and they are confident that they will be able to purchase the remaining pockets. The development will be mainly high rise and will be expected to be completed by 2028. There will be 600,000sqm of office space along with 40,000sq meters of retail, hotel and conference facilities. It is expected that the journey time from office to airport will be in the region of 6 minutes.

During the announcement, the Dublin Airport Authority said that the development would constitute “a world class economic zone for international business headquarters” and add €1 billion to the Irish economy. The combination of top class IT services, excellent transport infrastructure and easy access to air transport, top quality transit connections with Dublin City Center and already existing transport facilities such as taxi terminals and car rental facilities will attract multinational companies seeking access to the European market. The first buildings will be completed by 2013 and all further development will be rolled out in 5 year stages.

“The finished development is expected to create approximately 30,000 jobs, of which one third will be new, in addition to 2,000 construction and fit-out jobs per year over the construction lifetime of the project. 90 per cent of the land involved is currently owned by the DAA and the authority says it is confident of buying up the “remaining pockets” in time for the development.”

In terms of concept, Airport Cities are relatively new and involve the large scale development around major international transport hubs. Dublin Airport City follows the example of Dallas/Fort Worth and Hong Kong Sky City. Skycity features a 70,000 sqm exhibition centre, a Marriott hotel and golf course and development is underway on Skyplaza, a vast entertainment, retail and commercial space which will include the Hong Kong Airport World Trade Centre. In both other examples, the airport authorities in question had control over large land areas surrounding the airport. In the case of Dallas / Fort Worth and Hong Kong Sky City, the land was sold to a developer while the Dublin Airport Authority produced the master plan for the development and will not sell off the land.


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